hops climbing

The hops are climbing!  With many of our 6 varieties of hops reaching close to the top of our 16' trellace, we are excited to watch our cones swell and our laterals filing in.  With our successes thus far we have decided to expand our hops growing potential by adding a full 1/4 acre hops yard next year.  Now all we need to do is find 40 or so black locust poles, some wire, a tractor, and vahluah; NC High Country Hops.

Fall Veggies are flourshing.  We have a bounty of fresh spinach, beets, raddishes, lettuce, pumpkins, asparagus, cow-peas, and herbs.  Now that we have a fence to keep the deer out we just have to figure out how to deal with the bugs and moles inside the fence....

lavender row

Lavender is crushing!